• Breadology. How to keep rustic bread fresh.

    Breadology. How to keep rustic bread fresh.

    Posted by: Defence Bakery, April 2018

    From the Rustic Rye Bread to the Crusty Multi-Cereal Bread, we all like enjoying delicious Defence Bakery breads for as long as possible  The scrumptious taste of a freshly baked ciabatta, crusty crisp baguette or flavourfull sundried tomato bread  is undoubtedly the hardest to resist! 

    With the right storage methods, we can enjoy the crusty bread longer and keep it freshilicious!

    Wrap your breads, they like it cozy!

    Wrapping crusty breads in a dish towel or a paper bag keeps them fresh and tasty. In room tempreture breads can be stored in this manner for a day or two. 

    We all dread moisture, so does our breads!

    Always store  crusty breads in a cool, dry place; it is without doubt their favourite hangout spot. Your breads don’t need Vitamin D, let them stay away from sunlight.

    Looking for a month long relationship with your bread?

    Wrap the bread in a plastic airtight bag, a ziploc or anything similar, and you could keep it frozen for a month if needed. Then thaw it when you want and put it in the oven to get fresh bread ready to eat.

    Decoding the love-hate relationship between your bread and refrigerator

    This bread hates ‘chilling’ in refrigerator, so much so that the staling process of the bread speeds up when you store it in the refrigerator. We recommend that you never try to reunite them, they are just not meant to be together.

    However, during those hot summer and wet monsoon days we have in India, your bread  won't mind freezer’s company . During these seasons, the process of bread going bad (moldy) will speed up considerably if left out on the shelf. Slice it, tightly wrap the bread in paper, place it in an airtight box and pop it in the freezer if you must keep it longer than a day or two.

    We hope, though, you will consume our breads in a day or two at most!

    Bon Appetit.