Our Story

Welcome to Defence Bakery!

Defence Bakery is one of the oldest Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionery from the city of Delhi. Our simple and honest approach to business has led us to grow year by year since Defence Bakery's inception in 1962 by late Jagdish Mitra Dhingra. Then the father-sons hotelier trio: Dilip Kumar and his sons, Tushar and Gaurav, for long continued to churn out exotic confections that meet the culinary approval of the sophisticated Delhi palate. Today, under the vision and guidance of our promoters and Cordon Bleu Chef, Mr. Tushar Dhingra, we continuously innovate to stay ahead. Defence Bakery’s foundation rests on innovation, skilled and diligent employees and professional commitment to responsible growth and development for the well being of the community.

We craft excellent quality baked goods which are value for money. Our products include Staple Breads such as Multigrain, Wholewheat, Sourdough as well as a wide range of Rustic Crusty Breads original to European daily cuisine, which are finding more and more appreciation from our customers. We offer a choice of Cakes, Pastries, Confectionery, Viennoiserie, Snacks and open range of Customised Gift, Festive Hampers and... much more for Individual and Corporate needs.

Currently we sell our products in two authorised outlets in South Delhi: Defence Colony Market and GK 2 M Block Market as well as in an online shop. With a dedicated and loyal clientele, we are ready to expand in the manufacturing and retail business. We have also started a new project in Noida: Alma Bakery and Cafe driven by passion towards mindful eating and sustainable ideas in the food industry.